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Week 8 - Interviewing

Interviewing w/ FAC

Today, we’ll talk about what the interview for FAC is like

None of us here are on the interview panel, and won’t be making decisions on who gets onto the programme

We want to give you the chance to practice for an interview

The FAC interview has three parts:

  1. Conversational
  2. Demonstration of learning
  3. Code read


Tell the interview panel about yourself, and why you want to be a developer

Demonstration of learning

Answer questions about what you’ve learnt throughout the application process

You’ll be asked questions related to a set of learning outcomes from the application projects

Code read

Look at some code which you haven’t written and talk about what it does

You’ll be given a GitHub repository and some instructions

Time for a demonstration

from our mentors

Your turn

to practise

In groups of 3, take turns playing the role of:

  • Interviewer
  • Interviewee
  • Observer

Interviewer asks questions to the interviewee and assesses their responses

Interviewee answers questions from the interviewer and aims to meet interview criteria

Observer remains silent during the interview and gives feedback at the end of the round

the observer will keep time and move the interview on to the next stage

Take 8 minutes for each stage of the interview:

  • Conversational
  • Demonstration of Learning
  • Code read

This leaves 6 minutes for the observer to give feedback to the interviewee and interviewer