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Week 6 - Application Website

Application Website


  • All code is written by you
  • No external libraries (e.g. no Bootstrap, React or GitHub Pages themes, but external fonts/icons are fine)
  • Tells us about who you are
  • Tells us about why you are applying for the programme
  • Shows your progress through the application projects (e.g. links to your deployed projects)
  • Hosted on GitHub Pages
  • Links back to the GitHub repository that contains the code for your site

To demonstrate your learning your site must have at least one example of each of these:

  • Semantic HTML5 elements
  • CSS grid or flexbox layout (or both)
  • DOM event listeners for user interaction (e.g. click, keydown)
  • DOM updates in response to user interaction (e.g. showing/hiding an element, changing text or styles)


Konstantina (FAC26)


Mark (FAC27)


Simon (FAC27)


Cameo (FAC27)


From our mentors?? πŸ₯ΊπŸ’›

This is your time to shine, and show off what you’ve learnt so far!

Be creative and create something unique to you


Coding Time!