Tech for Better

Product Showcase

An introduction to Tech for Better

Tech for Better is immersive training in Product Management for social entrepreneurs, charities and start-ups

Through hands-on experience, Product Owners learn about:

  • User Research
  • Scoping a Product
  • Working with developers

Our apprentice developers build MVPs as part of the Design, Test and Build programme in collaboration with Product Owners

These products are what we’ll see showcased this evening

  1. Rent Shield 🏠
  2. Cinesphere 📽️

Tech for Better in 2023

The upfront training of our apprenticeship concludes with completing the Tech for Better project. These give our developers an opportunity to work on a real world project with an external client.

We have consistently identified a need in the third sector for Product Management training and experience working directly with developers

We’ve run a number of bespoke training programmes for Product Owners in the past and we’re excited to have integrated these to our core Tech for Better programme

We’ll be running another round of training next term!


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Express interest in Tech for Better through our website:

A special thanks goes to our alumni mentors who have supported each Product Team

Please join us in celebrating all of our teams’ successes and congratulating our Product Managers on completing the programme! 🎉