Portfolio Day

Autumn '22

The apprenticeship is assessed in two ways:

  • Project (“Work-based project with questioning”)
  • Portfolio (“Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio”)

When you enter EPA gateway we must submit:

  • a 500-word project summary
  • your portfolio
  • Evidence of Level 2 English
  • Evidence of Level 2 Maths
  • Sign-off from your employer

You can only enter the Gateway period when these are ready

Founders and Coders will support you throughout the lead up to and during EPA gateway

Each term, Gregor is available for regular check-ins and portfolio feedback

We’ll also hold ‘tripartite reviews’ between you, your employer, and us

Activity FAC22 FAC23 FAC24
Start apprenticeship 27/09/21 10/01/22 09/05/22
Earliest date to enter EPA gateway 27/09/22 10/01/23 09/05/23
Latest completion date 26/03/23 09/07/23 08/11/23


Your portfolio is not directly assessed.

It is used as the basis for the “professional discussion”, which determines 50% of your grade.

The portfolio ‘typically’ contains 10 pieces of evidence

Each should relate to at least one of the required knowledge, skills or behaviours. And most likely, they’ll cover many.

There is no specific structure for the documentation

Evidence is documentation which:

  1. Summarises a work project
  2. Describes all the ways you met the required knowledge, skills & behaviours
  3. Includes code samples, screenshots of plans/issues/stories, architecture diagrams etc

Build your portfolio throughout your apprenticeship


Additional guidance

Focus on WHAT you did and HOW you did it.

WHO is important too - but your assessor will be looking to hear what you did, so always use I, me, my and avoid we, us, our.

Also consider, WHY you are making the technical decisions that you are.

  • WHAT
  • HOW
  • WHY

Put together a narrative of what you did on the project, and use supporting evidence.

Mapping to KSBs comes after documenting, and in a separate document.


Put together a separate document with a table

KSB Definition Evidence
K1 All stages of the software development life-cycle (what each stage contains, including the inputs and outputs) Update contact form - Page 2
K3 The roles and responsibilities of the project life-cycle within your organisation, and your role New login modal - Page 4
K4 How best to communicate using the different communication methods and how to adapt appropriately to different audiences Update contact form - Page 10

Map to KSBs and not criteria

The mapping is where you feel you’ve met the criteria.

In your evidence you don’t need to respond directly to each KSB. Follow a documentation first approach.



The aim of the project is to research and develop a software solution to meet a specification provided by a customer or other stakeholder.

The project should:

  • meet the needs of your employer
  • be relevant to your role
  • demonstrate the required knowledge, skills & behaviours

The project is submitted in the form of a 4,500 word report.

It has a set structure with sections for each part of the software development lifecycle.

Appendices do not count towards the word count

The report, and the questioning will inform your grade



BCS require 10 working days to approve or reject a gateway request

During this time, they assess the project summary, review the portfolio, and give advice

Qualifications must be submitted to enter gateway, whether you went to school in the UK or not

The maximum time from entering gateway to completing your project report is 9 weeks. If you don’t meet the deadline, you fail 🙀

Assessment will be booked within a few weeks of the project report coming back

Portfolio assessment may happen during the 9 weeks

During the portfolio assessment, they want you to talk about all 21 criteria. They may cut you off - this is not a bad thing.

The portfolio documentation (and project summary, report, etc.) must be uploaded to the assessment platform

This means no external links, and… no Notion 😥



  • 10:00 - Intro talk
  • 11:00 - FAC22 1-1’s
  • 13:00 - Lunch 🥗 🥙
  • 14:00 - FAC22 1-1’s
  • 14:45 - FAC23 1-1’s
  • 16:15 - FAC24 2-1’s
  • 18:00 - END