End-Point Assessment and Gateway

EPA Gateway can be entered anytime after 12 months from starting the apprenticeship

You can enter from 10 May onwards

The Gateway is a point of access to EPA

Essentially, you submit your documentation and BCS will approve or deny your request to start your final project

We will submit, on your behalf:

  • English and Maths qualifications
  • A complete portfolio of evidence (and mapping)
  • Project summary and mapping
  • Sign-off forms

Gateway period

Once we’ve submitted all documentation at Gateway, we wait 10 working days for approval

If a request is denied, we’ll get a clear steer on why it has been.

We haven’t yet had someone denied entry through Gateway

After those 10 days, you’ll be able to start your final project


Documentation of what you’ve worked on throughout your apprenticeship

There’s no typical length for the portfolio. We’ve seen documentation in the range of 20 - 80 pages, or 5,000 - 15,000 words.

  • WHAT
  • HOW
  • WHY

Map to the KSBs in an appendix

We need to submit your mapping document which will give an indication to the assessor on where you feel you’ve met the KSB

Your portfolio is not directly assessed

It is used as the basis for the “professional discussion”, which determines 50% of your grade.

Portfolio assessment

A conversation about your portfolio

Questions focus on the criteria which relate to the KSBs

You’ll be asked a minimum of 12 questions, and the assessment is 60 minutes

Only what you say will be assessed, you must articulate something for it to count

We’ll hold mock assessment sessions in May to get ready for Gateway

Final project

The final project must be something:

  • Useful to the employer (or a client of)
  • Scoped to meet the relevant KSBs
  • Achievable within a 7 week window of development

At Gateway, an apprentice will submit a summary of what the project will be and mapping to a set of KSBs


Your project must be submitted within 9 weeks of starting

Roughly, 7 weeks are spent working on the project and 2 weeks documenting

I’d strongly suggest that you write every week and not all at the end


We submit two forms at Gateway:

  • Employer sign-off
  • Gateway readiness form

An apprentice requires approval from their employer that they feel the apprentice is ready to be assessed