Tech for Better

Final Week

There’s a few things we do this week to wrap up Tech for Better, each relates to either:

  1. MVP Handover
  2. Showcase

MVP Handover

Writing documentation

for the Product Owner to continue development and maintenance

This could be the README or a separate piece of documentation

  • Explain at a high-level how the Product works
  • Include the Tech Stack
  • Give your PO any important login details

Handing over

what you’ve been working on

On Thursday at 15:00, we’ve scheduled Product Handover

This is the end of your involvement with the Product. Nothing more is added to the backlog, anything unfinished will remain so

Take your Product Owner on a demo of the Product, show them how to use it and what features you’ve included.

Guidance can be found here and is linked in the schedule

Be clear with them you will no longer be working on the Product. If they would like to develop it further, someone from the FAC team will be happy to point them in the right direction.

Showcasing the Products

Preparing a presentation

Use Canva, or something similar

Your final presentations are of the whole Product, not just the final week.

Talk through designing, prototyping, testing, and building.

Guidance can be found here and is linked in the schedule

Presentations might include:

  • An introduction to the Product Team
  • Your team roles
  • An introduction to the Product idea
  • Your tech stack
  • A (pre-recorded) demo
  • Some challenges you faced
  • What your proud of / your wins
  • What you learnt
  • Where the Product will go next

Your Product Owner will present with you

Each person on the team (incl. PO) should aim to speak for 2.5 minutes. Each presentation should be approx 15 minutes, and we’ll have up to 5 minutes for questions.

Preparing your Product Owner

Your PO will present with you. They might like to focus on these three things:

  • Introducing the Product idea
  • What they learnt
  • Where the Product will go next

They should contribute slides to the presentation, or copy for slides


You’ll have time on Wednesday afternoon, and on Thursday afternoon to practise your presentations

The core FAC team is always happy to give feedback and help guide you

🌻 💛

Decide who will present each slide beforehand, you can even write a script if you like


Bonus: Final SGC

On Thursday morning, we’ll have one final SGC at Space4

This will be your chance to reflect on the programme as a whole, discuss your experience with each other, and give feedback for the FAC-team

Before the session, think about anything you might like to bring up