Introduction to Final Projects

In the second half of the programme, you’ll work on two long form projects

  1. In-house project
  2. Tech for Better project

Each project will be 3 weeks long and composed of:

  • One design sprint
  • Two build sprints

There is no prescribed tech stack. Your teams will make decisions on what technologies to use to solve the problem.

In-house Project

Each person in the cohort will come up with an idea for a project.

Each team will choose one project idea to work on.

A chance to learn new technologies and see how a larger project fits together.

An opportunity to practise working on a larger project before Tech for Better.

Week Activity
1 Intro to Project Management
2 Issues and Estimation
3 Final projects intro
4 Draft a project idea
5 Choose a project idea
6 Schedule research and testing

User research and usability testing

You’ll be conducting user research and usability testing with real people during Design Week.

We’ll ask each person to schedule for a few users to be available during Design Week.

More on this in week six…

Tech for Better

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be delving deeper into project ideas with Product Owners

Consider which project you’d like to work on for your final project

  • What will be an interesting challenge to work on?
  • What will expand your technical skills?
  • Is the scope reasonable for 2 weeks of building?
  • Could you hold a working relationship with that Product Owner?

You will choose your projects in Week 8, the first In-house Design Sprint.