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Discovery is about exploring the problem space, and understanding the user group

Before conducting research, we examine what we know about our users and the problem they’re facing

Throughout the software development cycle, we focus on the user and put them at the centre of every decision

Agile development

Agile product development is an iterative process rooted in user feedback and adaptation

Product teams reduce waste through early and consistent user validation

Each iteration of a product idea is refined and validated through research or testing with the user group

Agile software development analogy. The image shows a car built in stages, without scope for user feedback until the product is finished. The second panel showsbuilding a skateboard, then a bike, and then a convertible and getting feedback at every stage.

Henrik Kniberg


In small groups, you’ll work through exercises on Miro

You’ll refine and solidify the Problem Statement

You’ll create a user persona which describes a typical service user

Finally, you’ll write up questions for the user group. These will form the basis of our Product Owners’ user interviews.