In-house Project

Discovery Workshop

The Discovery workshop helps examine our understanding of the user and the problem(s) they are facing

Our key activities:

  • Defining a problem statement
  • Creating user personas
  • Writing a user research script

Problem statements

  • Who is our user?
  • What is their need?
  • How will responding to that need benefit them?

User Personas

Fictional representations of our user group and the diversity within it

Research scripting

A guide for questions to ask during a user interview. This gives structure to the interview - going off script is encouraged

User Research

User interviews, using a script as a guide

Ask open-ended questions and welcome critical feedback

Avoid confirming biases, instead create environment for users to validate or refute them

Give the user space to speak and give feedback

Conduct each interview in pairs. One person take the lead and ask questions, the other take notes - swap roles between interviews

Once the interviews are all conducted you will synthesise the feedback in your project groups during the Analysis workshop