Tech for Better

Developer Introduction

The programme

Tech for Better teaches Product Management to social entrepreneurs, charities and start-ups through hands-on experience

You’ll get the opportunity to work closely with Product Owners to explore their digital product ideas

You’ll learn about the software development lifecycle by exploring real product ideas

Product Management training

Date Module
22 May Product Pitches
30 May Discovery workshop
W/C 5 June Conduct user research
12 June User research analysis
19 June Product Management
26 June Selection Week
10 July Analysis Workshop

You choose Product Owners to work with on the Design, Test and Build programme

Design, Test and Build

(17 July -> 3 August)

  • One design sprint
  • Two build sprints
  • Test a prototype with a real user group
  • Work with a Product Owner to build an MVP

At the end of the programme, you’ll present your product at the Tech for Better showcase

What makes a good Product Owner?

  • A clear vision for the product
  • They listen and collaborate
  • They know their user group
  • Decisive, but flexible
  • Enthusiastic

What to look for

  • Focus on the problem, not the solution
  • Do they communicate the problem well?
  • Who are the users? Does the PO know them?
  • What does the PO hope to achieve in the long term?
  • What would the PO do after the MVP has been built?
  • What are their expectations?



Lightning introductions

You’ll be working together throughout the programme and will benefit from collaborating.

Let us know:

  • Who you are and your product goal
  • What do you want to get from Tech for Better?
  • What can you give to others on the programme?

What’s next?

You’ll pitch your Product to our developers in our next workshops. We’d like you each to come up with a brief pitch

Focus on the Problem Statement:

  • Who are your user group?
  • What do they need?
  • How will responding to the need benefit them?

Co-ordinate users to research with:

  • Anytime in W/C 5 June
  • You’ll have written questions already
  • 1 - 1 sessions, qualitative interviews
  • Aim for 6+ interviews

I’ll send out an invite to our Discord server