Say hello đź‘‹

Turn to the people next to you (you’ll be 2 - 4) and:

  • Introduce yourself with your name (and pronouns, if you’re comfortable with sharing)
  • Tell them, briefly, why you’re here today
  • Share one thing that excites you about learning how to code

~ 1 minute each: make sure everyone gets a chance to speak!

Founders and Coders

Get paid to code with our Software Developer apprenticeship

Learn as part of our community

Join other applicants on Discord as you work through our application requirements.

3+ months

Apply to our Skills Bootcamp

If successful, you’ll join a cohort to continue learning and interview with employers.

3 months

Get paid to learn as an apprentice

Learn full-stack web development and gain real world experience.

15+ months

Skills Bootcamp

A 12-week part-time programme, twice a week in the evening.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of web development and interview with apprenticeship employers.

To attend you must be aged 19 or over, have the right to work in the UK, and be within commuting distance of London.


Continue your coding journey, and get paid to gain real-world experience through an apprenticeship based in London

You’ll start your apprenticeship by completing our 12-week full-time training, learning alongside the other apprentices

You’ll work with your employer for 12-15 months, gaining real-world coding experience.

Upcoming cohorts

Spring 2022

  • Applications close: 25th November 2022
  • Skills Bootcamp: 16th January - 6th April 2023
  • Begin full-time apprenticeship: 15th May 2023

Summer 2023

  • Applications close: 26th March 2023
  • Skills Bootcamp: 11th May - 3rd August 2023
  • Begin full-time apprenticeship: 14th September 2023

Your application

Before you can apply you’ll spend some time learning web development fundamentals.

Show your learnings by completing projects that will guide you through the key learning outcomes required to apply to our programme.


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Hear from our alumni

How did you find the application process? What was the biggest challenge?

What is one tip you’d give to someone work on the application requirements?

What is a week at FAC like for you?